Thursday, December 4, 2008

Body Image

Here's something new. Which one looks best? Can you guess what sizes these women are...
The one to the far left is a size 8, the middle a size 12 and the end a size 14. Time to rethink beautiful? You be the judge.

Miley Cyrus

One of of the most fascinating people of 2008? Well according to Barbra Walters she is. Miley Cyrus made the list along with Will Smith, Michael Phelps and Tina Fey to name a few. Watch Barbra reveal the rest tonight on ABC at 9pm.


Just saw some pictures from Heidi and Spencer's honeymoon and I'm pretty sure that I'm going to vomit. As if it isn't enough to fame whore it up for the camera is nothing sacred anymore, not even marriage? All I have to say is that if this world will let two people like Heidi and Spencer get married, why can't everyone? I can think of so many deserving people that should have a legally recognized marriage over these two.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Top of the Charts

Today's Play List:

1. Live Your Life- T.I. feat. Rihanna
2. Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)- Beyonce
3. If I was a Boy- Beyonce
4. Whatever You Like- T. I.
5. Hot N Cold- Katy Perry
6. Love Lockdown- Kanye West
7. Just Dance- Lady GaGa
8. So What- Pink
9. Miss Independent- Ne Yo
10. Right Now (Na Na Na)- Akon

Friday, November 28, 2008

Tyra Banks show

Now for the most part I like Tyra, I mean any woman as strong and articulate as Trya deserves to be respected. However, the more and more that I watch her show the more I question where her head is. For example, one of her up coming shows is set to feature a segment on how teen drama TV show such as Gossip Girl and 90210 influence teen promiscuity and pregnancies.

Really Trya? You're going to try to correlate an episode of Gossip Girl with that of some dumb 16 year-old girl that is going to have sex regardless of what she watches. Hello these girls you found are clearly misinformed and lacking in parental guidance. So hopefully you can give them a little reality check and put them back on the right track. Just please do it with out pointing fingers at a TV show. Make these girls take responsibility for themselves.

Jonas Brothers Thanksgiving

The Jonas Brothers took over half time at the annual Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving game against the Seattle Sea Hawks. And I have to say that I was less than impressed with the performance. These poor boys must be exhausted all they do is preform, preform, preform. Geeze Mickey don't you think that you could at least give them Thanksgiving off. No? Well strike while the iron is hot I guess.
Camp Rock star Demi Lovato was the real Disney star at the game opening with the Star Spangled Banner. She sang an awesome version of the song and the kid has real pipes. Good for her. The Dallas native looked more than overjoyed to be preforming at home too.
Hopefully the kids will get Christmas off but I doubt it I'm sure that they're will be some Christmas parade that requires their expertise. Shoot for new year's off boys... you never know.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Brit Brit

Britney Spears is bouncing back in a big way with her new album Circus soon to be released and finally making her way around the interview circuit to talk. Rolling Stone's next issue features Spears on the cover and looking better than ever. However, in typical post- bi polar crazy Britney fashion all questions for the interview had to be submitted ahead of time and someone was always present with Spears during the interview to check her answers.

Oh how authentic. But Spears did open up about her kids, her new life and what it's like to be under the constant supervision of daddy. Rumor has it that a Circus tour is in the works. Gosh I hope so and that they set some dates in Texas.

Pick up the new issue of Rolling Stone out Friday to read more about Britney and her comeback. Good for you Brit Birt- I've alway loved you even if you are crazy.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Spunk Ransom

Round 2 for British import Robert Pattinson who is reported to put even more loot in his bank account. The sequel to the Twilight movie is already under way and it is reported that Pattinson will be earning $12 million for the starring in New Moon. Twilight only earned Pattinson a minimal $2 million. Poor kid, glad that you got an upgrade.

Pattinson has been the man about town lately, jet setting from LA to New York for press conferences and movie premiers.

The only thing about Pattinson that bothers us (a little) is that he doesn't like all the attention. He almost pulls the "poor celebrity me" card. He's just so cute that it's hard to blame him for not appreciating people screaming in his face and asking him to bite them. Though, he didn't seem to object when it was Trya Banks asking for some neck action.

Hope the pay check makes up for the invasion of privacy and awkward fan requests. But nothing lasts forever, just ask Leonardo DiCaprio, heart throb today- gone tomorrow.

Coming soon...

1. A look at the cast of Twilight.

2. Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift at AMA's.

3. Britney Spears on tour in January 09?

4. Suri Cruise, enough is enough!

5. More Twilight, why not?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Twilight Play list

Today's Play list

1. Let me sign (bonus track)- Rob Pattinson

2. Never think- Rob Pattinson

3. I caught my self- Paramore

4. Decode- Paramore

5. Spotlight- Mutemath

6. Supermassive black hole- Muse

7. Leave out all the rest- Linkin Park

8. Tremble for my beloved- Collective Soul

9. Flightless Bird, American Mouth- Iron & Wine

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Twilight continues with New Moon

Summit Entertainment realizes a good thing when it sees it and a money maker. Twilight fans rest easy with Summit's recent announcement that due to the opening success of Twilight the studio plans to move forward with the production of New Moon.

Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson released a joint statement which officially announced their participation in the upcoming film and I'm sure the rest of the cast will follow their lead.

Twilight will end up grossing $70.5 million making it the #1 Movie in America. Way to go vampire fans. You did it. Now the question on every body's mine is.... what will Potter do?

Without Phone part 3

Not quiet the perfection that I'm used to but a functional electronic device that makes phone calls- it looks like something out of Saved by the Bell but it will have to do. A phone, a stand in phone until the new one comes in the mail.

Channeling Zack Morris is not working for me, I need to text message and check my email, this thing does neither one of those. What's the point of something that just makes phone calls? Oh that's right now I'm minorly connected to the world. YAY me.

Without Phone part 2

I'm hungry, what to eat, Chinese, Italian, pizza or just some random take out place that delvers. Oh let's just order a pizza, great a $12.99 pizza special, I can do that... wait no I can't. To order a pizza you have to call the pizza place and to the call the pizza place you have to have a phone. The one thing that I'm currently lacking which is leaving more holes in my life. The lack of a phone has lead me to an empty stomach with out the relief of pizza insight.

Ok that's fine, you don't need a phone to go pick up food with friends, plus that's more fun anyway. Wait how do I call them to let them know that I'm hungry and want to grab a bite to eat? I wonder if they've tried to reach me to ask what I'm up to? Do you think they've noticed that I haven't been answering my phone? Do they think I'm ignoring them?

How did people used to find each other and make plans before cell phones? I can' take this, 1 to 2 days is too many. I may be losing friends over this little mishap. Well a sandwich alone it is, so sad.

Without Phone part 1

It was a total and complete accident that I broke my phone... a big whoops. But it's to late for tears now, even though I think I'll be crying until my new replacement phone comes in the mail. Which according to my phone service provider should be between 1 to 2 days, the wonders of express shipping.

However, what 1 to 2 days really translates to in the life of a twenty something that has had a cell phone since the 6th grade is hell. No connection to the outside world, no text updates, web surfing at my fingertips, no text messages from friends, family or coworkers letting me know what's going on in every facet of life.

Documenting the torture will take place in my next series of blogs. Suffer and bare with me please and if you need to get a hold of me, good luck with that.

Friday, November 21, 2008


It's here! It's in theaters! Go see it now.

It's been getting some mixed reviews but I'm going to hold off judgement until I see it a good 2nd and 3rd time. Went to the midnight showing last night and from the noise's that crowd produced I'd say they thoroughly enjoyed parts of it. Let's see what the critics have to say in the upcoming months.

According to Twilight midnight ticket sales came in at an estimated $7 million, out selling other midnight showings like Harry Potter and The Dark Night.

As of yesterday Fandango was reportedly selling one Twilight ticket a second across the country.


Coldplay took the stage at around 8:45 at the Toyota center in Houston, Texas to a packed house of screaming fans, some even sitting behind the stage. It was an all out sing along for what front man Chris Martin described as one of the best crowds on the tour and the reason that they play shows.

Coldplay preformed an approximately two hour set trying to incorporate as many songs as possible from their four full length studio albums. Front man Chris Martin danced around the stage in what at times looked like he was on the verge of an epileptic seizure to keep the crowd alive. But this wasn't necessary, all Martin needed to do was open his mouth to sing the first four words of any song and the crowd instantly went into an all out frenzy.

The diversity of Coldplay fans even struck Martin at one point in the show when he looked into the audience and saw a young girl singing along to his songs. He asked, "What, how old are you... you can't be more than 4," Martin said. In that moment, it was the acknowledgement that the crowd at the Toyota Center that night mystified logic at the amount of diversity one band could inspire.

Yet, it was the last song of the night that had every person in the Toyota Center singing in unison as Martin stopped his own vocals to give a listen to the crowd as the last words to be sung were "Yellow".

Monday, November 17, 2008

Rock Band Live

The Rock Band Live Play List:

1. Bounce- The Cab

2. I'll Run- The Cab

3. High Hopes in Velvet- The Cab

4. That 70's Song- The Cab

5. One of THOSE Nights- The Cab

6. Natural Disaster- Plain White t's

7. 1, 2, 3, 4- Plain White t's

8. Big Bad World- Plain White t's

9. Hey There Delilah- Plain White t's

10. Hands Down- Dashboard Confessional

11. Stolen- Dashboard Confessional

12. Screaming Infidelities- Dashboard Confessional

13. Thick as Thieves- Dashboard Confessional

14. These Bones- Dashboard Confessional

15. Nine In The Afternoon- Panic at the Disco

16. That Green Gentlemen- Panic at the Disco

17. Northern Downpour- Panic at the Disco

18. Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off- Panic at the Disco

19. The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage- Panic at the Disco

20. Shout- as covered by Panic at the Disco

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Previously I mentioned that Joe Jonas broke up with Taylor Swift over a 25 second phone conversation. Real nice Joe. But apparently Mr. Jonas has moved on and fast, to 22- year old 10,000 BC star Camilla Belle.

Wow really Joe, who are you the Easter bunny hopping from one person to the next. But hey kid you're hot and young and this gig isn't going to last to long so take advantage of it.

Check out this video where Joe professes his love for Camilla Belle way before he ever met Taylor. So maybe it was meant to be.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Dashboard Confessional

The Frank Erwin Center was Live last night, Rock Band Live that is. Four bands shared the stage and I was definitely won over by the opening acts The Cab and Plain White t's. Good sound, nice light show and enough energy to get the floor jumping.

But of course it was Dashboard that I was there to see. And they never disappoint me so you're not going to get objectivity out of me when talking about them. If you were there to see any of the other bands, Dashboard gave the crowd a good sample platter of what their music sounds like, the new stuff with some oldies peppered in here and there. It was amazing! The stage and venue were larger than settings I'm used to seeing them play but Dashboard made it work. The sound was good, the graphics in the background added a great little extra touch to excite the senses.

By far the greatest thing about the show was Dashboard's cover of Pinks "So What". With some help form The Cab and Plain White t's, Dashboard front man Chris Carrabba show the crowd what rock move really look like.

Austin was the last stop for all four bands touring on the Rock Band Live Tour. I'm sure Dashboard will be back in town again soon and hopefully we can convince them to give us another cover.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

red, white and you blew it!

"[T]he best way to find these terrorists who hide in holes is to get people coming forth to describe the location of the hole, is to give clues and data." -George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., Dec. 15, 2003

Let me see it was round with a depth of about 20 feet surrounded by red dirt. Ok got it- some one should check out that hole asap. GW, I don't think I'll miss all the time that you spent in office but thanks to this I'll have plenty of quotes to post from here on out. Thanks.

Tear drops on her guitar... again!

Country music teen queen Taylor Swift is talking about her recent break up with Joe Jonas and let me tell you it's getting all sorts of ugly. Turns out the middle Jonas may be more of a jerk than every teenage girl in America would like to believe. Because it seems that Joe's not one for long good byes and broke up with Swift over a 25 second phone conversation. Ouch!

Now hold on just a second Jonas Brothers fans before you rant and rave about how Joe was over seas and renting a jet to break up face to face was a little excessive. I agree, but a 25 second break up conversation, please-that's not enough time to say anything. Let me tell you how I imagine a 25 second Taylor- Joe break up phone call would go.

Taylor: Hello

Joe: Hey

Joe: So...

Taylor: Ya?

Joe: I want to break up. Sorry?

(About 10 seconds of silence)

Taylor: What? Why?

Joe: I gotta go. Sorry.

And scene.

Poor kid all those tear drops on her guitar must be adding up by now. But Swift won't let it get her down instead she did what she does best, wrote a song about it and put it on her album that came out yesterday called "Fearless".

For more on how Swift really feels about her ex-boyfriend check her out on Ellen airing next Tuesday. The great thing about Ellen is she never lets a kid leave her studio with out a little something, turns out on this show Swift gets a big gift in the form of Justin Timberlake (her celb crush) surprising her with a few words of wisdom.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

I managed to avoid the movie reviews and user comments on imdb about Zack and Miri and went to see it for myself. But I did do a little research into the movie because the title alone wasn't self explanatory enough. And what did I find? That the movie was written and directed by Kevin Smith and the excitement sets in. Kevin Smith, the same guy that wrote and directed Clerks. Well I'm sold, I'll take two please, sign me up for a years subscription and keep the change- I knew I was going to like this movie with out forcing it.

So the premise for the movie was pretty simple, two seemingly platonic friends fall on hard times and need to make money fast to cover basic necessities. Easiest way to make money these days, you got it porn. See I told you the title was self explanatory. So while the plot line really didn't involve anything complex or intriguing, it was the characters that made the movie.

The characters are equally as funny as anyone in Clerks and then bring there own style of comedy to the screen. Seth Rogan has established him self as a comedy hero of mine lately, what with Pineapple Express being one of my top movies of 2008. But in this movie the main characters weren't nearly as interesting as the supporting cast. With names like Bubbles and "Lester the molester" how could you not laugh? I won't even begin to get into how Bubbles got her name! No thank you.

In the end, the movie was a good LOL, which I did frequently. Probably not a good date movie unless your girl is into that sort of humor or you're strictly platonic friends. Anyway, check it out here for more details:

And check it out in theaters. Now playing.

Today's Playlist

1. Womanizer- Britney Spears

2. Smile- Lily Allen

3. Stab my back- All American Rejects

4. I will survive- Gloria Gaynor

5. Picture to burn- Taylor Swift

Saturday, November 8, 2008

red, white, and you blew it!

Because soon enough we'll be running out of these...

"Thank you, your Holiness. Awesome speech." --George W. Bush, to Pope Benedict, Washington, D.C., April 15, 2008

I know you're the president and all, for now at least, but goodness GW do you think that we could expand our vocabulary to something other than "awesome". I'll admit I do use the word frequently just not around the Pope. Just a thought.

Looking forward to...

An interview with How to Be director Oliver Irving coming soon. Hopefully we can coordinate our cross continental schedules, he's in London we're in Texas and get to ask the questions about the film that have been bugging us. Like where in the world did you find the self help guru and what's Robert Pattinson really like? Look for this post some time next week.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

When money matters

Hard economic times don't look to be going anywhere soon. So what's a college girl to do about a tight wallet and a desire to add to her ever expanding shoe collection? Get a job, right? Well let's say you have 2 of those and still need a little extra to afford that next pair of red pumps. Try something creative, innovative and oh so marketable.
Sell make up endorsed by a Hills superstar.

That's exactly what a close friend of mine did to make a little extra cash with out spending too much time investing in another job. For a college student it's a convenient way of earning money considering she makes 40% profit off everything that people purchase through her. WOW! Little jealous over here. Blogging hasn't made me any money so far.
Good for her though, she took action and found an unconventional way to create her own personal shoe fund.
check out her site:

White House upbringing

It's pretty much official that the next President of the United States will be Illinois Senator Barack Obama, so now it's time to think about the important things. The kids.

Sasha and Malia Obama might be some of the luckiest kids in American, or not, depending on how you look at it. And they are soon to be the most watched. With a permanent secret service detail, mommy and daddy and the media keeping an eye on them, what's a kid to do?

Play. Listen to the Jonas Brothers. Make new friends. Be a kid.

Michelle Obama was recently interviewed by ABC news and finds this opportunity her children have been presented with as a major life experience. Not only will her girls get to grow up in one of the coolest most well known homes in the world, they will also have opportunities that no other children have. Their father will be the first black President, have world leader walk through their hall ways and have a better understanding of government on a level that no classroom could parallel.
That's intense for anyone, let alone a child. But if credit should be given at all it should go to their mother for always enforcing a sense of normalcy in her children's lives. The day before the election, the day of the election and today, the day after the election her kids were in school. Playing with their friends and living out their last days as residents of Chicago.
Good for them. Enjoy it. Girls, have fun, learn as much as you can and enjoy the White House movie theater. After all the next four years are going to be tough but you have so much to look forward to and some good parents to get you through it. You'll be just fine.

Proud to be an American...

Today's play list:

1. Born in the USA- Bruce Springsteen
2. The Underdog- Spoon
3. Beautiful Day- U2
4. American the Beautiful- Ray Charles
5. Waiting on the world to change- John Mayer

Friday, October 31, 2008

Rock the Vote

Now while I don't usually support celebrities using their star power to persuade voters on which candidate to vote for, I do support them telling people to get out and vote. VOTE.

But Matt Damon made some interesting observations about Palin in his interview with CBS that just can't be ignored. And we love the reference to a bad Disney movie. It may be the best analogy to come out of this election.
Nov. 4 is right around the corner so whether you listen to Matt or not get out there and vote.

See what...

Matt Damon really thinks of Sarah Palin.

click here:


Ideally both John McCain and Barrack Obama would be on Saturday Night Live together, just to see what happens. Wouldn't that be fun?

But it seems that it will only be John McCain on the show this Saturday with Matt Damon's bff Ben Affleck hosting. We've all heard what Matt has to say about Palin so I can only imagine what Ben thinks of her.

Will McCain be funny? Can he be funny? Let's see tune in to SNL this Saturday night. I'm crossing my fingers Tina Fey shows up to do a skit as Sarah Palin.

Oct 31

Don't forget that today is an important day for 2 reasons:

1. It's Halloween.
2. Depending on where you live early voting ends or starts today. So go VOTE.

Monday, October 27, 2008

"Have you any dreams you'd like to sell?"

Today's playlist

1. Dreams- Fleetwood Mac

2. Luv- Travis

3. New Slang- The Shins

4. Why does it always rain on me?- Travis

5. In the waiting line- Zero 7

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How To Be (part 5)

Check out the website for How To Be and you'll find some interesting information about the film. The trailer, music included in the film, blogs, the cast and my personal favorite, the scrapbook.

Click on the scrapbook link and the best information is buried at the bottom. A link to self-help guru Dr. Levi Ellington's home page.

Seriously? This absurd old man is a real doctor. He wasn't an actor or someone in the films senile grandfather, he's a real honest to blog self help guru. Looks like the director really went for authenticity with that portion of the film.

Here's Dr. Levi Ellington's home page- take a look and see if you think he might be able to help you? Ha, I doubt it but you never know.

Monday, October 20, 2008

House of Torment: from the parking lot

Abby, 19, never made it to the entrance of the House of Torment.

Running across the parking lot as fast as her legs could take her screaming and on the verge of hysterics, Abby propelled herself towards the parked cars with a purpose. That purpose; to get as far away from the House of Torment as possible.

“Mommy it’s scary, I’m going to have a heart attack,” Abby said.

As I approached Abby to ask for an interview she clutched my arm and clung to my side while refusing to let me walk away from her.

“Don’t leave me, don’t leave me, he’ll come and get me if you leave me,” Abby said.

She dragged me 20 feet away into the Highland Mall parking lot near the Macy’s entrance and next to a faded gold Toyota Corolla where she continued to cry and scream as she was taunted by the ghoulish figure dressed in full black shredded clothes holding a skeleton.

By the time Abby’s parents found her in the parking lot I had almost lost full feeling in my arm. I was left with a red imprint of Abby's hand on my forearm to remind me that sometimes the scariest parts of haunted houses don’t always take place inside.

How To Be (part 4)

Music on a mission, to tell a story of a sad painfully awkward individual with as little over dramatization as possible. Mission accomplished. Instead of overcompensating the musical director, Joe Hastings, put together a score that is a sad sweet glimpse into what it must sound like in Art's mind.

Calm yet jumbled melodies bounce around with the plucking of guitar strings, the steady rhythm of the piano, light tings from the xylophone to set tempo and a melancholy cello laid over the rest create the opening sequence sound.

From there on it just keeps getting better. The harmonica used in the montage is a sweet little reminder that somewhere in this film the heart of the characters is still beating no matter how cold they seem. The phone conversation is another slow drawn out melody with a xylophone tapping soft high tings through out the track leaving the ideas of rain drops and gray skies behind as Art muffles through yet another awkward phone conversation. Finally the end credits track, you've made it out of the woods and the light shining through the trees sounds a little bit firmer with the inclusion of a solid drum beat and a vibrant violin and guitar combination. It brings home the punch before softly reminding you that perspective is key and exits with a simple guitar chord strum.

You can take a listen to four of the tracks that Hastings compiled for the movie on the How To Be website.

1. Opening Sequence

2. Montage

3. Phone Conversation

4. End Credits

For all you Robert Pattinson fans out there Rob does sing, play guitar, and the harmonica at certain points in the film. Be warned, that it's Rob playing Art playing music. So if you were expecting the sultry sounds of Robert Pattinson, don't be, it's nothing like that. Far too awkward to be anything Rob would sing or play, in public at least.

Also, the song in the preview is so cute it's worth mentioning, it called "Hammond Song" by The Roches and can be found on their self-titled 1979 debut album.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

How To Be (part 3)

My last installment for now on this movie I promise! But I have to put up my top five reasons that if you get the chance to see this film at on the festival circuit or in 2009 when it's been rumored to hit theaters you need to grab 5 friends and hurry to the ticket booth.

5. The acting is great, real and powerful painful emotions with an awkward laugh that make life easy to handle are delivered in every performance.

4. The director Oliver Irving is onto something and I can't wait to see what his other films are going to look or sound like. haha

3. The music an interesting little sound track that will remind you of your favorite scenes.

2. The writing some of these one-liners I'll be quoting till I die.

1. Oliver Irving and Robert Pattinson what a team, I hope Rob doesn't forget about the little people and still works with great directors like Oliver again and again, you know to keep his street cred.

Adapting Twilight

More on AFF that doesn't include my new favorite movie How to be, so let's start with the fact that there has been a little Twilight invasion taking over the world and I'm 100% ok with that.
Melissa Rosenberg took part in a panel discussion about what it was like to adapt the teen girls most holy work of Twilight onto the big screen.

What was most surprising is that for one Rosenberg looks more like a WNBA superstar than what I envisioned as a screen writer. Completely approachable and confident in her abilities it was refreshing to see a woman at the helm of one of the years most anticipated films. But the women is accomplished to say the least. Sighting one of her major problems in life as being "over employed" as if there were such a thing in Hollywood. Anyway, she's currently the executive producer and writer of the series Dexter, wrote the screen play for Step Up, written for the OC and other projects. So basically we loved her from the get go.
No question for Rosenberg was off limits including why she added in scenes to the movie that were not in the book and how she felt about a Twilight sequel.

As the girls in the roomed shrieked and squealed at the thought of more Edward Cullen, Rosenberg never ruled anything out and gave us a slight idea as to what she might do with character development into the second film.

Thanks to Melissa I know what I want to be when I grow up, her! Great, I'm glad that only took me 21 years to figure out.

How To Be (part 2)

Oh did I forget to mention that the cast of this film was exceptional? Ha yes I did on purpose so that I could talk about Robert Pattinson and the fact that he is a quality actor. Because believe it or not he has been in movies where he's not some kind of mythical creature or toting a wand. I know, hard to believe right?

In How To Be he's not attractive he's down right scruffy, gritty, greasy, dirty and anything but charming. Awkward sentences from a mind swirling with ideas mixed with the inability to communicate his emotions combines to create his character. His ability to detract from his good looks and create the character of Art is exceptional. I would have never seen the Twilight version of Robert Pattinson that the world is currently revolving around.

Art is just so awkward that you can't help but be uncomfortable around him even if you are just viewing him on screen. The ability to project that awkwardness onto the audience takes some talent. I've seen it in Michale Cera but Robert Pattinson really does know what he's doing because Cera has never been this awkward.

Pattinson said that had he not been awarded the role in this film he was looking at quitting acting. What, no!

So a big thank you to Oliver Irving, the director, for casting the boy, you don't want to waste this talent. If Rob keeps making vampire movies I'm sure he'll make some bank but if he continues to make films like this I think he might get some real credit from the peers of his craft.

How To Be (part 1)

(Quick note: the guy in the middle of the sea of girls is Oliver Irving the director of the film)

Oliver Irving is by far a talented and creative director, while his visionary skills may not completely be original his execution is perfection. In his latest film to hit the circuit, Oliver tackles the ideas of that little quarter life crisis, I'm looking forward to so much.

How To Be, Irving's latest work is an interesting look on dysfunctional families, awkward children, and insane friends that lend new meaning to the word idiot, but in an enduring way.

Art, is a slightly eccentric twenty something and the most awkward introvert that I've seen in a while but I love it. Who is going through a bit of a quarter life crisis. When his girlfriend breaks up with him, he is forced to move back in with his parents and deal with his issues to become a more functional member of his family. The thing about Art is that he is such a pathetic baby at points I can understand why his parents might be a little disappointed in him. But at the same time you can't help but falling in love with this character because he's trying to figure out what or who he is while getting no help from anyone around him.

So to fix himself Art hires this mad crazy self help guru that is the creepiest funniest most intrusive old man that I have ever seen on screen. Pure genius! If you thought Art had problems this guru is the one that needs the real help. After making Art participate in various exercises that are supposed to make him "better" Art really finds that he may be the only person that can save himself.

It was by far the most painfully funny move that I viewed at the festival but so worth every awkward laugh and glance at my neighbor to make sure that I wasn't laughing in totally inappropriate spots of the film. Irving does something with this film that I haven't seen or felt since Zac Braff's, Garden State.

He took an awkward guy going through something heavy in his life and helped the audience swallow down every ounce of pure awkward pain with laughter. Leaving you feeling a little less sorry about anything you might be dealing with because if Art can survive so can you. Trust.

Austin Film Festival

The 15 annual Austin Film Festival is in full swing bringing in some great films, directors, screen writers, and actors. Wow this is starting to sound a little bit like an LA Starbucks, huh?
Anyway, AFF is far more affordable than I thought it would be, just want to screen some movies, that will only cost you $45 for full access. Want a little more on Saturday that includes panels, access to all films and then some if you're lucky, get the Lone Star Badge at $95, it's really not that bad of a deal. Producers badges and conference badges will dig in your pockets a little deeper but depending on how intent you are on getting into your favorite film, panel or party it just may be for you. You can also view single screenings and panels for $9 by purchasing tickets 45 minutes before the start of any program, no guarantee you'll get in but if you do it's a pretty sweet deal.
More on the AFF to come, trust me we've got plenty to talk about.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stupid Entertainment Bloggers! Ugh

Ok so to say that Bobby Bones is a genius is an understatement, the man is a myth a legend an entertainment bloggers dream, if you're an idiot. Bones has been telling all the listeners of his morning show to Goole his name plus Vanessa Hudgens and what ever random phrase he thinks up to link them together.

From what I remember, today's phrase was "Bobby Bones Vanessa Hudgens make out in car," or something to that effect. Anyway, all these celebrity bloggers have picked up on the story and are running with it. The best that they can do is link the two together from a movie that Bones did with Hudgens last spring, Bandslam.

Then Bones became a legend by staging a photos of what is supposedly Hudgens and himself making out in a car. Eww. She's 19 and Bones just looks old! The girl in the photos is not Hudgens but an employee at the station but does bare a striking resemblance to her in the blurry photographs that all the celb bloggers got from an "inside" source.

Fact check people, I know it requires effort but just try. And Bones good work my friend, you may have Zac a little worried but I doubt it!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"She's a good girl crazy about Elvis, love horses and her boyfriend too."

Todays playlist:

1. Free Fallin- Tom Petty
2. Free Fallin- John Mayer
3. Please, Please, Please, Let me get what I want- The Smiths
4. Please, Please, Please, Let me get what I want- Muse
5.Wind Cries Mary- Jimi Hendrix
6. Wind Cries Mary- John Mayer
7. Walk this way- Aerosmith
8. Walk this way- Run D. M. C.
9. Lenny- Steive Ray Vaughn
10. Lenny- John Mayer

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Long Review: “ranters & crowd pleasers- punk in pop music 1977- 92”

Greil Marcus comes at the reader from a direction that not even people out in left field saw coming. Marcus’s book “ranters & crowd pleasers” takes an in-depth look at the world of punk music and what it meant during the time period of 1977- 1992. Starting with Britain’s version of punk music icons The Sex Pistols and ending with musicians that I would never consider including in a book about punk music, like Fleet Wood Mac and Elvis Costello, Marcus never throws the reader a pitch they see coming.

At first glance the biggest and best stands out of the book are the chapter titles. Nothing else makes the reader want to flip through the pages than giant phrases like, “Hi, this is America. We’re not home right now, but if you leave a message after the beep, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.”, “Flat, Toneless and Tiresome” and “Groovy Hate Fuck”. It leaves the reader with the impression that the author clearly has a sense of humor and wondering what the purposes behind phrases such as these mean.

Marcus’s observation and analysis of what punk music within the time period meant can really not be compared to any other critic. He breaks down the components of what punk music is and delivers it to the reader with a sense of humor and purpose. In the chapter “Ripped to Shreds,” Marcus examines another writer, Lester Bangs, interview with Blondie front woman Deborah Harry. Marcus finds that Bangs did an interesting job of examining the appeal behind the band and getting to the true story behind Blondie’s success. “Each song is a perfectly constructed concave system in which every single piece of information, kinda like a jigsaw puzzle except at the end instead of a picture you get a perfect blank. And that blank of course is nothing less than Deborah Harry’s face.” In the end Marcus accounts that Bangs not only helped the listener dissect the purpose behind Blondie’s meaning to their music but did so in a way that was fair.
Marcus is able to articulate his points such as these, either in support or against fellow music writers in ways that are repeatable and engaging to the reader.

At no point does the reader feel on the outs with the subject matter simply because they are not a fan of punk music or have never heard of some of the bands discussed in the short essay format the book is laid out in. It is Marcus’s ability to include and introduce the reader to the world of punk music and prove that not all screaming and waling is without a purpose that makes Marcus a great translator of punk music to the masses. However, sometimes points of the book it can seem that Marcus is over analyzing the ideas of punk music. Like in the chapter, “In the Fascist Bathroom,” where Marcus presents an piece written on Elvis Costello in which the mention of so many songs and how Marcus can find something to complain about with each one, makes me wonder why he even thought it was worthy of reviewing in the first place.

In the end, Marcus does an interesting and demanding job of holding the reader’s attention in ways that most other music critics have yet to achieve. I doubt that I have ever been as intrigued or inspired to listen to new music after reading any critics review as I have Marcus’s. He has also introduced me to new music that I had never considered listening to before like Gang of Four and definitely re-examine the works of Elvis Costello.

Food for thought

I'm deathly allergic to peanuts, no exaggeration needed and I recently had a run in with some one eating them that touched my hand and made me break out in hives. Thanks.

This lead me down the path of a little research and I learned from the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology that over 50 million Americans suffer from allergies, food and environmental.

The highest number of food allergies goes to seafood with 6.9 million people allergic, with nut allergies coming in a close second at 3.3 million. And at least 40 deaths occur annually from people that suffer insect bites and are allergic to them. And the AAAAI, as they like to be called, claims that, eight foods account for 90% of all reactions in the U.S.: milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, fish, and shellfish

Interesting stuff huh? Take this information to your next cocktail party and see where it gets you.

Halloween's a scream

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner, that's right Halloween is coming up on Oct. 31, in case you forgot. Anyway, one of the best things about Halloween is the gross out food recipes that anyone can make to add to the festivities. A personal favorite of mine are blood shot eye balls made with eggs and olives. Okay, so it may not sound like the most appetizing food in the world but don't knock it till you try it.

Here's the recipe:

Strained Eyeballs 6 hard boiled eggs6 oz Whipped cream cheese7 oz Green olives -- with pimientos Red food coloring Peel eggs cut in half lengthwise. Remove the discard yolks. Fill the holes with cream cheese. Press an olive into each cream cheese eyeball, pimiento facing up, for an eerie green iris and startling red pupil! For a final touch, dip the tip of a toothpick in red food coloring and draw broken blood vessels in the cream cheese.

"You brought a snack."

I've been counting down the months, days, hours, minutes and seconds until Twilight the movie comes out, obsessive? Hardly. I'm just a devoted fan to the books and can not wait to see how one of my favorite books translates to the big screen.

Luckily I've been given a gift from the Summit Entertainment gods in form of the final preview before the movie is released on November 21. This preview by far tops the rest, yes it still emphasise that the movie has action and drama but we finally get to see some Bella/ Edward romance. Yes. Thank you God. Finally what makes people love the book is actually being seen on the screen.

While I can already see that the writers took some liberties translating the text to dialogue, it still seems true to the basic plot line. November 21 can't get here soon enough, still crossing days off my calender until then.

Step one: admit that there was a problem

So rumor has it that our favorite pop princess is going public about her psycho melt down that she has been displaying for the past two years, at least. That's right Britney Spears and MTV have apparently teamed up to created a documentary special so that Brit Brit can confront the rumors, the scandals and the controversies.

In the documentary Britney apparently admits to have gone off the edge a bit and acknowledges that her behavior was out of character and at times uncalled for. And I say bravo Britney I'm glad that you confronted what ever had you acting like a fool, put your under ware on and divorced your baby's daddy. Good work.

I can't wait to see what Britney has in store for us in '09, if the VMA's were a precursor for where she's headed I think Madonna should watch out because her title as the "Queen of reinvention" may soon be snatched away by my favorite pop tart.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

red, white, and you blew it!

"Wait a minute. What did you just say? You're predicting $4- a gallon gas? That's interesting. I hadn't heard that." ---George W. Bush February 28, 2008. 

When was the last time that you put gas in you're car GW? Around that time (Feb.) gas was crazy expensive. Must be nice not to have to worry about $$$. Who does that for you? Can I hire them? Let me know! 

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sports Report

Now what I don't understand is why parents push their children into playing sports at such an early age? I don't see the need for a 3 year old to practice kicking a soccer ball or learn to swing a bat. They're 3.

Little girls do not need ballet and tap lessons when they've just learned how to walk and properly form sentences. I get it, they're young and it's cute but pushing children too early into athletics is not a good idea.

I really don't see any 3 year old coming up to their parents and saying I want to be a gymnast or a baseball player. Parents please stop trying to live vicariously thought your children or at least wait till they're 5. Thanks.

Monday, October 6, 2008

POP goes the weasel

Today's play list:

1. Love bug- Jonas Brothers
2. Love story- Taylor Swift
3. I'm only me when I'm with you- Taylor Swift
4. Stab my back- The All American Rejects
5. 7 Things I HATE about you- Miley Cyrus
6. Hot and cold- Katy Perry
8. So what- Pink
9. One fine wire- Colbie Caillat
10. Mmm Bop- Hanson

Random huh? Well give them a listen I guarantee they're make you laugh at least, if not walk away feeling a little bit better about life.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

el pollo loco

So I read this story in the New York Times and it made me think about the way I prepare my food, which is strictly in the microwave. I don't cook, don't understand why people cook, and have tried to cook and have set 3 house fires. So the fire department has asked me to refrain from cooking, seriously.

Anyway, if I can't cook something in the microwave, I don't trust it. But I'm not allowed to use the oven so I pretty much out of luck. And in the past I have walked away sick from some of my microwave dinners, maybe it was due to not being thoroughly cooked, but maybe not. Either way cook your food people, it's a good idea.


So I'm really starting to enjoy the sport of soccer. It took me a while to catch on to the thrill that die hard soccer fans get out of the game. But now I have to admit that I can kind of see why they like it so much.

Soccer is one of the few sports where the players can't use their hands. This makes for some interesting and inventive ways of moving the ball around the field. Bumping it with your head or chest is a perfectly acceptable and encouraged way to move the ball around on the field. Not something that you see in other sports.

For example, Michael Jordan never bumped a basketball on his head to get it into the hoop and I can't see Tiger hitting a golf ball with his chest, even though that would be price less.

Anyway, soccer is intense both on the field and in the stands, today for example at a soccer game I attended I almost saw a fight on the field and plenty of expletives used by the players. I enjoyed it. While the fans are so adorable, up on their feet at the sign of a near goal and cheering there little hearts out when the ball actually goes in.

I'll keep you posted but I'm pretty sure that next to crew, soccer is my new favorite sport.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Partridge get's kicked out of the pear tree

Oh like no one saw this coming. Really? Hill star Audrina Partridge has moved out of the Hill's home that she shared with LC and Lo Bosworth.

Rumor has it that it was a "friendly" choice to move out and on for Partridge but we've heard other wise. According to some Partridge is a little umm... upset, to put it lightly, with LC for flirting with her on again off again jerk of a wanna-be- boyfriend Justin Bobby. Can you say girl fight?

And I'm so sure that Lo was just brimming with tears at the sight of Audrina's moving van, NOT.

Well I hope this doesn't take away from my Hills fun. I need those dynamic characters to go through the bad relationships and jerks so I know what to avoid.
They're my survival manual.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nick and Nora

Nick and Nora's Infinite Play list. So it's unlike me to post two play lists in the same week but Nick and Nora deserve it. In theaters tomorrow go check it out, good music, Michael Cera, and a cute love story I'm sure.

"[leaving a message on his ex-girlfriend Tris' phone] I think we both said some things we didn't mean, like...when you broke up with me...on my b-day. " - Nick

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's a great VIEW

Elizabeth Hasselbeck, you know the young Blondie with about as much sense as a damp napkin is rumored to be leaving "The View" for her own gig on the Fox News Network. Wait do they really call it a news network?

Anyway, rumors are buzzing that Hasselbeck is through being the lone ranger when it comes to conservative opinions on the view and being singled out by her fellow hosts.

Hopefully she stays on the view, she makes me laugh,

that poor girl is about as equally delusional as the president, if she wasn't pretty, well her life would suck.

red, white, and you blew it! part whatever

"People say, how can I help on this war against terror? How can I fight evil? You can do so by mentoring a child; by going into a shut-in's house and say I love you." —Washington, D.C., Sept. 19, 2002

What? What? What? No really What was this poor man thinking. Excuse me while I cut this blogs short to visit my local shut- in, just doing my part to support the war effort.

Monday, September 29, 2008

"Now keep in mind that I'm an artist and I'm sensitive about my shit."

Today's Playlist:

1. On and On- Erykah Badu
2. Tyrone- Erykah Badu
3. Loser- Beck
4. Viscera Eyes- The Mars Volta
5. Rock Star- N.E.R.D
6. Proud Mary- John Fogerty
7. House by the Sea- Iron and Wine
8. Zebra- Man Man
9. Learn to Fly- The Foo Fighters
10. Run Around- Blues Travelers

ACL Fashion

Q: How do you know you have no friends or friends that don't really like you?

A: They let you walk out of the house looking like that.

Are you kidding me people? Please reevaluate your style decisions when attending a music festival in 95+ temperatures. This is not a time for you to be debuting your new fall line of calf skin boots, your latest prom attire, or the fact that you are a serious ballerina wanna be that displays her tutu any chance you get.

Gentlemen, keep your shorts on at all times please. There is no reason that I need to see that Ralph Lauren made the tighty whites that you are wearing. Thanks.

Other than that a little tips on proper attire, dress in comfortable shoes and like you are going to sit out in the desert for 3 days. If that means bathing suit tops and shorts, fine, just make sure you can make it work for you. Fellas, if that means no shirt, do your thing, just make sure that you don't mind a sun burn on your back that rivals the color of the tomato in my burger.

ACL Food

Hudson's on the Bend, I've heard of the restaurant, I've heard of how good the food is and I've heard of how $$$$ it costs. But this weekend at ACL I got to experience Hudson's on the Bend

for just $8 and it was amazing.

Check it, the line was at least 47 people long, I was number 48 in line because I had enough time to count all the people in front of me. And the entire time I was in line all I could think was... is the food worth it?

Answer: yes. I ordered the spicy chicken avocado cone drizzled in some kind of sauce with the best spicy coleslaw at the bottom of the cone that I had ever eaten. With some kind of pita bread serving as the cone it was by far the most portable meal choice at the festival. The chicken and avocado were fried golden perfection with poppy seeds crusted on the outside. The avocado was ripe and soft and tasted in season so it was perfect.

By far the best and one of the few meals that kept me coming back for more all weekend. Cross your fingers that they'll be there next year.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Kickin it old school

So VH1 just released there top 100 hip hop songs and Public Enemy's "Fight the Power" has topped the list. Now while it's a good track, I don't know if I would mark it as the best hip hop song.

First off, it really hasn't stood the test of time, rarely does it ever spin on the airwaves and ask the current generation of hip hop lovers if they've actually listened to fight the power and I think you'd be surprised at how many NO's you get.

Basically, it won for the political message that's attached to the song and I get that, good hip hop has always had a message. Whether that's to set the party off right or literally fight the power.

Rounding out the top three Sugar Hill Gang came in at 2 with "Rapper's Delight" and Dre's "Nothing but a G thang" was 3 on the list. Personally, I think Dre should have taken the top spot, but oh well.

Eagle Eyes

Straight off of dogging charges of DWI stemming from a car accident he was in during the same time as filming "Transformers 2"mid summer, Shia LaBeouf is hitting the big screen in the new movie "Eagle Eyes".

La Beouf plays Jerry Shaw a seemingly unremarkable guy that gets sucked into being part of political assassination by some women at the other end of the phone that knows his every move. Creepy! And you all think you're slick with your GPS, look what it can do to you.

Personally, I'd just plead duress in court and call it a day but when your government thinks that you're the terrorist, that might not work so well. So instead La Beouf teams up with single mom, Rachel Holloman, played by Michelle Monaghan and they team up to save their own lives.

I'm not as excited about seeing Eagle Eyes as I was for Disturbia but it's Shia and he's HOT so I'll see it either way.

red, white, and you blew it! part 4

"There's no question about it. Wall Street got drunk -- that's one of the reasons I asked you to turn off the TV cameras -- it got drunk and now it's got a hangover. The question is how long will it sober up and not try to do all these fancy financial instruments." --George W. Bush, speaking at a private fundraiser, Houston, Texas, July 18, 2008

So that's what happened to Wall Street. I thought it was something more complex and economically linked to sub prime morgatges. But hey if all America needs to do to get the economy back on track is sober up wall street then we're saved. I know a great remedy for hangovers, works everytime. I wonder how much the governemnt would pay for it? humm...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tough Break

Slow and steady wins today in sports. Nothing amazing happened. No one was majorly injured, no major upsets that I know of in the world of baseball or football. Boring, I'm yawning over here.

Some one better break something soon, a record, a leg, a losing streak, I really don't care but the sports world needs to get it together.

Monday, September 22, 2008

50 told me go head switch the STYLE up

Because I'll be trying not to do this for a while!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hip, Hip Hop, Hip Hop anonymous?

Today's play list:

1. All Falls Down- Kanye West
2. Mrs. Officer- Lil Wayne
3. Whatever you like- TI
4. What them girls like- Ludacris feat. Chris Brown and Sean Garrett
5. Swing- Savage & Soulja Boy
6. Cyclone- Baby Bash feat. T -Pain
7. Love Lockdown- Kanye West

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Not so fast

FAST FOOD! When ever I hear those words I think fatty greasy food and cringe at the idea of eating McDonald's or fried chicken! Eww!

But this weekend FAST FOOD food flipped the switch on me and my roommate introduced me to the Threadgills TO GO menu! The menu is actually the same as if you were eating in the restaurant except it only takes about 10 minutes from ordering to eating compared to the lengthier table wait.

And the food was perfect as usual! Let's see I ordered steamed asparagus and it was perfectly soft and well seasoned! Mashed potatoes that I needed a ladle to eat with because of the generous portion they provided and a dinner salad.

All of the vegetables were fresh and green. A pleasant surprise from a meal that took me 1 minute to order and only 10 minutes to wait for! It was a little longer of a wait than KFC might be but completely worth it! A bit more $$$ than McDonald's but your arteries will thank you! TRUST!

Book it!

I once heard someone ask this dumb little blond girl on a reality show what was the last book she had read and she responded, "Oh I don't read anymore, I'm in college,"! At first I was shocked, I mean really did she just say that? Those words came out of her mouth!

But i totally understand what she means, kind of, I don't read anymore either! Well at least not for fun! Everything I read these days has been assigned, passed out in class, or posted on blackboard! Fun stuff!

So to be honest the last book I read for fun was, now don't laugh at me, but it was Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn. The last in her Twilight Saga and I'm sorry to say the most disappointing!

Now at first I didn't get the fuss over these books, until I read them! And who doesn't love a good romance? And essentially that's what all the books are about love, lost love, love triangles and the gratification of love. GEEZE! That's allot of love going around!

Anyway, the last book fell short of the others. Maybe it was because Bella, the main character was no longer the girl next door! She gets married, has a baby, becomes a vampire and lives happily ever after! I mean it's sweet I'm just not there yet and in some cases don't know if I will ever be at those points in my life! Mainly the becoming a vampire one!

For me she lost the appeal that made her seem like a real person in a real relationship. Once she got pregnant and then became a vampire she lost me! Meyer's writing even slipped a little into something less than what I expected from some one that changed all the rules on vampires!

In the end parts of the book were brilliant, like the way Meyer describes Bella transforming from human to vampire, you could almost feel it too! But other times it was laughable, let's start with the fact that Bella named her baby Renesme! Anyone... ya I have no clue what that women was thinking!

But let me not knock the book with out saying that the rest of the saga was amazing! Good plots, character development and setting. The movie adaptation of the first book, Twilight, comes out Nov. 21, cross your fingers that the movie works better than the last book!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Who you gonna call... no really who are you going to call?

What could be safer than living next to a cop?

Watch it now, Samuel L. Jackson is back at it again with a new movie about how he's a BAD ASS MOTHER (SHUT YO MOUTH)! So he's a cop again, but know that no snakes are involved this time around.
He's a cop that has it out for his neighbors. I mean I get it some neighbors are loud, inconsiderate people who blare music at 4am for fun. Oh wait those are my neighbors sorry.

Anyway, the neighbors are basically screwed because who do you call when the police live next door? 411, 311... because I sure ain't calling 911!

I hope the movie lives up to the suspense of the trailer. If not I'll try to give you the 411 on why Sam might be losing his touch.

Poor Bill Gates all that money and no sense!

Has anyone seen the new ad campaign that Microsoft is pitching? Oh you have... well I'm sorry about that! Wait you haven't? Well do you have 10 minutes? No, i didn't think so!

So maybe it's not exactly 10 minutes long but it sure feels that way! The first commercial in the new campaign centers around Jerry Seinfeld running into Bill Gates at a Shoe Circus. Oh right, because that happens every day! Bill Gates at a Shoe Circus, I'm so sure! Anyway, it gets worse because Seinfeld starts helping him pick out shoes and they share a churro, it's just weird. Worst of all there is no point to this ad.

For about 5 minutes after I watched it the first time, I couldn't figure out what Microsoft was trying to tell me or sell me. Was Bill Gates teaming up with Jerry Seinfeld for a new movie? Was this an ad for Shoe Circus? Was Seinfeld seriously bored and maybe running out of money so now he's doing commercials? And didn't Bill Gates retire?

See what I mean a good ad campaign does not leave the viewer with all sorts of questions! Whatever Microsoft is pitching is bumped in at the end it still didn't make sense to me!

So TIP FOR BILL: FIRE who ever told you this was a good idea! You are seriously getting ripped off and I think Jerry is holding out on you too! He's normally funny!

Anyway, this has to be by far one of the worst ad campaigns that a company has ever put out for public consumption! With a price tag of 300 million, it's just wasteful!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

red, white, and you blew it! part 3

"Biking through New York's boroughs in 2005, I thought about some old friends, Joe and Eileen Bailey. Though they are imaginary, I frequently talk to them." --Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), in his book Positively American.

How do these people keep their jobs? I don't get it! People in New York are well educated individuals for the most part right? So why are you electing people with imagenary friends into office? If you don't watch out he might start to think that the states problems are imagenary too! Poor guy he just needs a friend!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

And in sports news....

HOUSTON, TEXAS- What's the biggest thing to hit Rice Unveristy since hurrican Ike? I don't know, maybe the Houston Texans. The Texans are scheduled to play a home game in Reliant Stadium on Oct. 5 but the staduim may not be repaired in time for kick off!

Due to this the Texans mat have to relocate to Rice University while the big dogs are hoping it won't come to that, Rice is more than qualified to host the Texans. After all they did hold a Super Bowl in 74.

If anything Houston and the people that live there need to get back on their feet and nothing says "I will survive" than Texas Football!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hey Mr. DJ put a record on!

Today's Playlist:

1. In my place- Coldplay

2. Please let me get what I want- Muse

3. Do you realize?- The Flaming Lips

4. Pain- Jimmy Eat World

5. D.O.A. - Foo Fighters

6. Everybody's Changing- Keane

7. Newborn- Muse

8. Liar- Taking Back Sunday

9. Hysteria- Muse

10. Luv- Travis

11. Hamburg Song- Keane

12. Notice- Gomez

13. Empty room- Marjorie Fair

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Running can help you in many different ways! First there are all the health factors, you know, weight loss, better heart circulation plus it's just awesome cardio all around! And if you were ever in any trouble you can just start pushing people out of the way and literally run for your life! I bet you make it out! But that's besides the point, Austin has a multitude of great places to run so here's a super short list of my favorite!

1. Town lake ( run at least a 3 mile loop and you'll fell great! I promise!)
2. St. Edward's track (it's really not that bad and is actually .3 of a mile compared to the usual quarter mile track!)


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yo quero taco ensalada

YUMM!!! Sometimes I wish I could cook but I know that I can't! So I read recipes and think about how nice it would be to make a meal like this! But there is a skillet involved and oven so I know I'm not even going to try! I'm not lazy I've just started one too many kitchen fires that the fire department has asked me to stay out of the kitchen. I've set microwave popcorn on fire for goodness sake! But if you can cook... I'll buy the ingredients if you'll cook!

1 pound ground sirloin
1 (1.25-ounce package) taco seasoning
3/4 cup water
2/3 cup fat-free sour cream
2/3 cup bottled salsa
8 cups shredded iceberg lettuce
4 cups (4 ounces) bite-sized baked tortilla chips
2 cups chopped fresh tomatoes, drained
1 cup (4 ounces) shredded reduced-fat sharp cheddar cheese, divided
1 (15-ounce) can kidney or black beans, rinsed and drained
1/2 cup sliced ripe black olives

Cook the beef in large skillet over medium-high heat until browned, stirring to crumble. Stir in taco seasoning and water. Reduce heat, and simmer 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.
Combine sour cream and salsa in a small bowl.
Combine the beef mixture, iceberg lettuce, tortilla chips, tomatoes, 1/2 cup cheese, and beans in a large bowl. Drizzle the sour cream mixture over the salad, and toss gently. Sprinkle with 1/2 cup cheese and black olives. Serve immediately.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Kanye West arrested at airport: Now I anin't sayin the paparazzi is a gold digger but they ain't messin with no BROKE BROKE!

Another Friday means another celebrity news day! But this time I'm not so happy to report that one of my favorite rappers, that's known for his hot head let it get a little overheated at LAX.

Thursday morning Kanye West landed in LAX at around 7:51 AM and was greeted by what else but paparazzi waiting to snap a picture.

Kanye was not having it!

So what does he do... typical Kanye he overreacts! He comes at the photographer with some help from his body guard struggles with the paparazzi for the camera and smashed it to the ground! Kanye was arrested at LAX but let go on $20,000 bail! Chump change! When you got $$$! Watch it for yourself!

So what do we think?

Just a bad day at the office for Kanye or is he slowly headed to meltdown! Don't get me wrong this is not the first time that a star has been caught on camera attacking a photographer. Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz were caught and let's not forget a bald Briteny Spears taking an umbrella to a paparazzi's SUV not to long ago! But she's better now so all is forgive, right?

Kanye is about to release a 4th studio album this December and he needs to remember that he needs all the publicity he can get with the way albums are selling these days! He debuted his first song off his new album at the closing of the VMA's, Love Lockdown. And I loved it, it's not even a rap song... he's singing! I hope radio embraces it, for his sake!

Kanye for goodness sake keep your hands to yourself! I know your momma taught you better than that!