Sunday, October 12, 2008

"You brought a snack."

I've been counting down the months, days, hours, minutes and seconds until Twilight the movie comes out, obsessive? Hardly. I'm just a devoted fan to the books and can not wait to see how one of my favorite books translates to the big screen.

Luckily I've been given a gift from the Summit Entertainment gods in form of the final preview before the movie is released on November 21. This preview by far tops the rest, yes it still emphasise that the movie has action and drama but we finally get to see some Bella/ Edward romance. Yes. Thank you God. Finally what makes people love the book is actually being seen on the screen.

While I can already see that the writers took some liberties translating the text to dialogue, it still seems true to the basic plot line. November 21 can't get here soon enough, still crossing days off my calender until then.

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