Monday, October 20, 2008

How To Be (part 4)

Music on a mission, to tell a story of a sad painfully awkward individual with as little over dramatization as possible. Mission accomplished. Instead of overcompensating the musical director, Joe Hastings, put together a score that is a sad sweet glimpse into what it must sound like in Art's mind.

Calm yet jumbled melodies bounce around with the plucking of guitar strings, the steady rhythm of the piano, light tings from the xylophone to set tempo and a melancholy cello laid over the rest create the opening sequence sound.

From there on it just keeps getting better. The harmonica used in the montage is a sweet little reminder that somewhere in this film the heart of the characters is still beating no matter how cold they seem. The phone conversation is another slow drawn out melody with a xylophone tapping soft high tings through out the track leaving the ideas of rain drops and gray skies behind as Art muffles through yet another awkward phone conversation. Finally the end credits track, you've made it out of the woods and the light shining through the trees sounds a little bit firmer with the inclusion of a solid drum beat and a vibrant violin and guitar combination. It brings home the punch before softly reminding you that perspective is key and exits with a simple guitar chord strum.

You can take a listen to four of the tracks that Hastings compiled for the movie on the How To Be website.

1. Opening Sequence

2. Montage

3. Phone Conversation

4. End Credits

For all you Robert Pattinson fans out there Rob does sing, play guitar, and the harmonica at certain points in the film. Be warned, that it's Rob playing Art playing music. So if you were expecting the sultry sounds of Robert Pattinson, don't be, it's nothing like that. Far too awkward to be anything Rob would sing or play, in public at least.

Also, the song in the preview is so cute it's worth mentioning, it called "Hammond Song" by The Roches and can be found on their self-titled 1979 debut album.

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