Friday, October 3, 2008

Partridge get's kicked out of the pear tree

Oh like no one saw this coming. Really? Hill star Audrina Partridge has moved out of the Hill's home that she shared with LC and Lo Bosworth.

Rumor has it that it was a "friendly" choice to move out and on for Partridge but we've heard other wise. According to some Partridge is a little umm... upset, to put it lightly, with LC for flirting with her on again off again jerk of a wanna-be- boyfriend Justin Bobby. Can you say girl fight?

And I'm so sure that Lo was just brimming with tears at the sight of Audrina's moving van, NOT.

Well I hope this doesn't take away from my Hills fun. I need those dynamic characters to go through the bad relationships and jerks so I know what to avoid.
They're my survival manual.


Mackenzie said...
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Mackenzie said...

haha I LOVE the title of this post. I just laughed out loud to myself...good work clever one :-)