Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stupid Entertainment Bloggers! Ugh

Ok so to say that Bobby Bones is a genius is an understatement, the man is a myth a legend an entertainment bloggers dream, if you're an idiot. Bones has been telling all the listeners of his morning show to Goole his name plus Vanessa Hudgens and what ever random phrase he thinks up to link them together.

From what I remember, today's phrase was "Bobby Bones Vanessa Hudgens make out in car," or something to that effect. Anyway, all these celebrity bloggers have picked up on the story and are running with it. The best that they can do is link the two together from a movie that Bones did with Hudgens last spring, Bandslam.

Then Bones became a legend by staging a photos of what is supposedly Hudgens and himself making out in a car. Eww. She's 19 and Bones just looks old! The girl in the photos is not Hudgens but an employee at the station but does bare a striking resemblance to her in the blurry photographs that all the celb bloggers got from an "inside" source.

Fact check people, I know it requires effort but just try. And Bones good work my friend, you may have Zac a little worried but I doubt it!


adolfo said...

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ludozanessa4ever said...

hi i m ludovica i m italian so this rumor is false!!! i m a zanessa s fan so please tell me that this is falseee
zanessa 4 everrr

Anonymous said...

Bobby Bones is a nut case. Zac and Vanessa both know that. What kind of man this guy's age stages fake photos and then says they are of a 19-year-old girl?

Yep, a NUT CASE in search of fame.

Christian said...

This rumor is totally false, Bones made it up. It's just really funny that so many people around the world took the story and ran with it. Goes to show that not everything we think celebs are up to is real.