Wednesday, November 5, 2008

When money matters

Hard economic times don't look to be going anywhere soon. So what's a college girl to do about a tight wallet and a desire to add to her ever expanding shoe collection? Get a job, right? Well let's say you have 2 of those and still need a little extra to afford that next pair of red pumps. Try something creative, innovative and oh so marketable.
Sell make up endorsed by a Hills superstar.

That's exactly what a close friend of mine did to make a little extra cash with out spending too much time investing in another job. For a college student it's a convenient way of earning money considering she makes 40% profit off everything that people purchase through her. WOW! Little jealous over here. Blogging hasn't made me any money so far.
Good for her though, she took action and found an unconventional way to create her own personal shoe fund.
check out her site:

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