Monday, August 17, 2009

Joe Jonas iWin Fun Run

So the middle Jonas is a runner? Who knew. Now I've run in a race or two, you know a half marathon here a 10k there and about a million 5k's but this one topped them all. Why you ask?
Umm did I mention Joe Jonas, about 600 screaming 12 year olds and a good cause?
Joe Jonas helped raise money for both the Special Olympics of South Texas and the Change for the Children foundation run by the Jonas Brothers.
But the best part of the race for me? This picture. I'm the one in the blue LA Dodgers hat. Run boy.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My OH Miley

Dim the lights. Cue the music. And spot light on the trailer? I'm sorry I think set design was misinformed about the props on stage... oh wait we are using a trailer for this performance? I thought Britney Spears was just accepting an award?

Oh Miley? Oh no Miley... no, don't! Oh man she did. Was that supposed to be an ice cream truck?

Looks like Miss Cyrus is trying to take a page out of Britney Spears book Heart to Heart and adding chapters to her own Miles to Go, Ch 27 "Pole dancing 101." Take notes young girls across America. But wait lets think about this, do you really think 16 year old girls don't already do things like this? Because they do. And any one of them that is trying to deny it should just bring out the LOL's in you because it's just not true.
At 16 girls are exploring their sexuality and starting to own as much of it as they can understand. Maybe not as overtly as Miley but they are trying out new ways to express themselves for sure. So do we call Miley a slut or pop princess? Because I think role model was thrown out the window a while ago. Either way she's till got more money, fame, fans and problems than most 16 year olds.
And it's back to bumping and grinding for our girl! Working that pole, shaking her hips in ways that makes Nick Jonas want to rip off his purity ring. Because it's a "Party in the USA"!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Dear blog,

I'm sorry I've been away for so long. I plan on keeping a better eye on you now. Promise. Let's start today.



Thursday, December 4, 2008

Body Image

Here's something new. Which one looks best? Can you guess what sizes these women are...
The one to the far left is a size 8, the middle a size 12 and the end a size 14. Time to rethink beautiful? You be the judge.

Miley Cyrus

One of of the most fascinating people of 2008? Well according to Barbra Walters she is. Miley Cyrus made the list along with Will Smith, Michael Phelps and Tina Fey to name a few. Watch Barbra reveal the rest tonight on ABC at 9pm.


Just saw some pictures from Heidi and Spencer's honeymoon and I'm pretty sure that I'm going to vomit. As if it isn't enough to fame whore it up for the camera is nothing sacred anymore, not even marriage? All I have to say is that if this world will let two people like Heidi and Spencer get married, why can't everyone? I can think of so many deserving people that should have a legally recognized marriage over these two.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Top of the Charts

Today's Play List:

1. Live Your Life- T.I. feat. Rihanna
2. Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)- Beyonce
3. If I was a Boy- Beyonce
4. Whatever You Like- T. I.
5. Hot N Cold- Katy Perry
6. Love Lockdown- Kanye West
7. Just Dance- Lady GaGa
8. So What- Pink
9. Miss Independent- Ne Yo
10. Right Now (Na Na Na)- Akon