Monday, November 10, 2008

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

I managed to avoid the movie reviews and user comments on imdb about Zack and Miri and went to see it for myself. But I did do a little research into the movie because the title alone wasn't self explanatory enough. And what did I find? That the movie was written and directed by Kevin Smith and the excitement sets in. Kevin Smith, the same guy that wrote and directed Clerks. Well I'm sold, I'll take two please, sign me up for a years subscription and keep the change- I knew I was going to like this movie with out forcing it.

So the premise for the movie was pretty simple, two seemingly platonic friends fall on hard times and need to make money fast to cover basic necessities. Easiest way to make money these days, you got it porn. See I told you the title was self explanatory. So while the plot line really didn't involve anything complex or intriguing, it was the characters that made the movie.

The characters are equally as funny as anyone in Clerks and then bring there own style of comedy to the screen. Seth Rogan has established him self as a comedy hero of mine lately, what with Pineapple Express being one of my top movies of 2008. But in this movie the main characters weren't nearly as interesting as the supporting cast. With names like Bubbles and "Lester the molester" how could you not laugh? I won't even begin to get into how Bubbles got her name! No thank you.

In the end, the movie was a good LOL, which I did frequently. Probably not a good date movie unless your girl is into that sort of humor or you're strictly platonic friends. Anyway, check it out here for more details:

And check it out in theaters. Now playing.

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