Sunday, October 19, 2008

Austin Film Festival

The 15 annual Austin Film Festival is in full swing bringing in some great films, directors, screen writers, and actors. Wow this is starting to sound a little bit like an LA Starbucks, huh?
Anyway, AFF is far more affordable than I thought it would be, just want to screen some movies, that will only cost you $45 for full access. Want a little more on Saturday that includes panels, access to all films and then some if you're lucky, get the Lone Star Badge at $95, it's really not that bad of a deal. Producers badges and conference badges will dig in your pockets a little deeper but depending on how intent you are on getting into your favorite film, panel or party it just may be for you. You can also view single screenings and panels for $9 by purchasing tickets 45 minutes before the start of any program, no guarantee you'll get in but if you do it's a pretty sweet deal.
More on the AFF to come, trust me we've got plenty to talk about.

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