Sunday, September 21, 2008

Not so fast

FAST FOOD! When ever I hear those words I think fatty greasy food and cringe at the idea of eating McDonald's or fried chicken! Eww!

But this weekend FAST FOOD food flipped the switch on me and my roommate introduced me to the Threadgills TO GO menu! The menu is actually the same as if you were eating in the restaurant except it only takes about 10 minutes from ordering to eating compared to the lengthier table wait.

And the food was perfect as usual! Let's see I ordered steamed asparagus and it was perfectly soft and well seasoned! Mashed potatoes that I needed a ladle to eat with because of the generous portion they provided and a dinner salad.

All of the vegetables were fresh and green. A pleasant surprise from a meal that took me 1 minute to order and only 10 minutes to wait for! It was a little longer of a wait than KFC might be but completely worth it! A bit more $$$ than McDonald's but your arteries will thank you! TRUST!

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