Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tear drops on her guitar... again!

Country music teen queen Taylor Swift is talking about her recent break up with Joe Jonas and let me tell you it's getting all sorts of ugly. Turns out the middle Jonas may be more of a jerk than every teenage girl in America would like to believe. Because it seems that Joe's not one for long good byes and broke up with Swift over a 25 second phone conversation. Ouch!

Now hold on just a second Jonas Brothers fans before you rant and rave about how Joe was over seas and renting a jet to break up face to face was a little excessive. I agree, but a 25 second break up conversation, please-that's not enough time to say anything. Let me tell you how I imagine a 25 second Taylor- Joe break up phone call would go.

Taylor: Hello

Joe: Hey

Joe: So...

Taylor: Ya?

Joe: I want to break up. Sorry?

(About 10 seconds of silence)

Taylor: What? Why?

Joe: I gotta go. Sorry.

And scene.

Poor kid all those tear drops on her guitar must be adding up by now. But Swift won't let it get her down instead she did what she does best, wrote a song about it and put it on her album that came out yesterday called "Fearless".

For more on how Swift really feels about her ex-boyfriend check her out on Ellen airing next Tuesday. The great thing about Ellen is she never lets a kid leave her studio with out a little something, turns out on this show Swift gets a big gift in the form of Justin Timberlake (her celb crush) surprising her with a few words of wisdom.

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