Sunday, October 19, 2008

How To Be (part 3)

My last installment for now on this movie I promise! But I have to put up my top five reasons that if you get the chance to see this film at on the festival circuit or in 2009 when it's been rumored to hit theaters you need to grab 5 friends and hurry to the ticket booth.

5. The acting is great, real and powerful painful emotions with an awkward laugh that make life easy to handle are delivered in every performance.

4. The director Oliver Irving is onto something and I can't wait to see what his other films are going to look or sound like. haha

3. The music an interesting little sound track that will remind you of your favorite scenes.

2. The writing some of these one-liners I'll be quoting till I die.

1. Oliver Irving and Robert Pattinson what a team, I hope Rob doesn't forget about the little people and still works with great directors like Oliver again and again, you know to keep his street cred.

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