Sunday, October 5, 2008


So I'm really starting to enjoy the sport of soccer. It took me a while to catch on to the thrill that die hard soccer fans get out of the game. But now I have to admit that I can kind of see why they like it so much.

Soccer is one of the few sports where the players can't use their hands. This makes for some interesting and inventive ways of moving the ball around the field. Bumping it with your head or chest is a perfectly acceptable and encouraged way to move the ball around on the field. Not something that you see in other sports.

For example, Michael Jordan never bumped a basketball on his head to get it into the hoop and I can't see Tiger hitting a golf ball with his chest, even though that would be price less.

Anyway, soccer is intense both on the field and in the stands, today for example at a soccer game I attended I almost saw a fight on the field and plenty of expletives used by the players. I enjoyed it. While the fans are so adorable, up on their feet at the sign of a near goal and cheering there little hearts out when the ball actually goes in.

I'll keep you posted but I'm pretty sure that next to crew, soccer is my new favorite sport.

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