Monday, September 29, 2008

ACL Food

Hudson's on the Bend, I've heard of the restaurant, I've heard of how good the food is and I've heard of how $$$$ it costs. But this weekend at ACL I got to experience Hudson's on the Bend

for just $8 and it was amazing.

Check it, the line was at least 47 people long, I was number 48 in line because I had enough time to count all the people in front of me. And the entire time I was in line all I could think was... is the food worth it?

Answer: yes. I ordered the spicy chicken avocado cone drizzled in some kind of sauce with the best spicy coleslaw at the bottom of the cone that I had ever eaten. With some kind of pita bread serving as the cone it was by far the most portable meal choice at the festival. The chicken and avocado were fried golden perfection with poppy seeds crusted on the outside. The avocado was ripe and soft and tasted in season so it was perfect.

By far the best and one of the few meals that kept me coming back for more all weekend. Cross your fingers that they'll be there next year.

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