Monday, September 29, 2008

ACL Fashion

Q: How do you know you have no friends or friends that don't really like you?

A: They let you walk out of the house looking like that.

Are you kidding me people? Please reevaluate your style decisions when attending a music festival in 95+ temperatures. This is not a time for you to be debuting your new fall line of calf skin boots, your latest prom attire, or the fact that you are a serious ballerina wanna be that displays her tutu any chance you get.

Gentlemen, keep your shorts on at all times please. There is no reason that I need to see that Ralph Lauren made the tighty whites that you are wearing. Thanks.

Other than that a little tips on proper attire, dress in comfortable shoes and like you are going to sit out in the desert for 3 days. If that means bathing suit tops and shorts, fine, just make sure you can make it work for you. Fellas, if that means no shirt, do your thing, just make sure that you don't mind a sun burn on your back that rivals the color of the tomato in my burger.

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danielle b said...

I loved this blog and felt the same way. I was distracted with the sentence structure. There were a couple sentences that needed a comma and words to be switched around (Other than that a little tips...)However, I saw the mob scene of ACL and yes there were some sad and questionable outfits. How many head wraps did you count? I would have also liked one horrific outfit fully described. I think the humor in which you write is a definite plus and sorry I couldn't be in class to tell you directly.