Sunday, November 23, 2008

Without Phone part 2

I'm hungry, what to eat, Chinese, Italian, pizza or just some random take out place that delvers. Oh let's just order a pizza, great a $12.99 pizza special, I can do that... wait no I can't. To order a pizza you have to call the pizza place and to the call the pizza place you have to have a phone. The one thing that I'm currently lacking which is leaving more holes in my life. The lack of a phone has lead me to an empty stomach with out the relief of pizza insight.

Ok that's fine, you don't need a phone to go pick up food with friends, plus that's more fun anyway. Wait how do I call them to let them know that I'm hungry and want to grab a bite to eat? I wonder if they've tried to reach me to ask what I'm up to? Do you think they've noticed that I haven't been answering my phone? Do they think I'm ignoring them?

How did people used to find each other and make plans before cell phones? I can' take this, 1 to 2 days is too many. I may be losing friends over this little mishap. Well a sandwich alone it is, so sad.

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