Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just do it

The Nike Human Race was today and it was a sight to be seen! Swarms on red t- shirts flocked to down town Austin, running in what Nike described as a 10k unlike any other because it was held to celebrate runners and the sport of running. With only 25 cities being selected to participate, Austin was lucky enough to be one of the chosen few!

As a volunteer I was super excited to be helping out with the race and what more important job is there than handing out power bars at the finish line? Umm that's right NONE!

Anyway the best part of volunteering is meeting new and interesting people. And it just so happens that the newest and most interesting person I met this time around was MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY!!! I wanted to ask him if he wanted a power bar but all of us sudden I forgot how to form words and sentences. But the shrieks of joy seemed to grab his attention! He was a pretty nice guy with his girlfriend and newborn son following closely behind him. So here's to all the runners famous and not so much!

Great job and way to celebrate a sport that is all to often forgotten!

The Human Race Cities
Buenos Aires
Los Angeles
Mexico City
New York
São Paulo

Saturday, August 30, 2008


The 4th annual Austin Batfest is supposed to be about the bats but for me it was all about the FOOD and oh my gosh was there food! I haven't eaten this much since the Thanksgiving of '06 and let me tell you that was brutal!

Anyway, bat food is AWESOME!!! I started off keeping it simple with some Italian ice from Jimmy Jim's! Mango flavored the best! And then went back for blueberry, strawberry, and lime flavored, so much for everything in moderation! Then, it was on to pizza from Double Dave's, it was decent for the price, not the best peperoni I've ever had but it could have been worse! Finally, I topped it off with kettle corn and cherry lime aid from some little vendor that I didn't catch the name of. My loss because her food was delicious, it was everything that kettle corn should be and nothing my microwave has ever produced! Salty, sticky, sweetness in a bag the size of a small three year old child! And refills at her booth were half off! So I paid $3 for my first drink and went back about 7 more times for only $1.50!

I ended my binge with some live music from Frank Marino with his band Mahogany Rush! And I was glad that the old man still had it in him! Frank rocked in the 70's but I wasn't sure that he could still keep up in his advanced years. Well, he shut me up real fast! That man rocked harder than most kids out there with guitars half his age!

So here's to Batfest '08 that I'm sure is supposed to be about the bat's but should seriously be checked out for the FOOD! Great job vendors!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Laguna Beach= Most popular girl in school The Hills= most overpaid blond in the bunch

I LOVE The Hills! I don't care what anyone says or thinks about this show so get over it! It's the perfect Monday night when I get all the roommates and friends together, about 8 of us and watch the DRAMA! Followed by the lies, the cat fights, the clubs, the fashion, and the boys! Brody Jenner... need I say more!
Fun, fun, FUN! All of my friends have a favorite character that they identify best with, mine has to be Whitney if you were wondering! And I really enjoy the way this is a show about 20 something women out there and making it happen for themselves, for the most part.
So recently the salaries of what the cast makes were released in In Touch and WOW! These girls and the guys are making some pretty serious bank off this gig! Of course LC makes the most with... get this $75,000 per episode! I feel a YOU GO GIRL is in order here!
Anyway, the rest of the cast makes less than LC but you know who is seriously getting shafted, Lo Bosworth. The former Laguna Beach star is seriously under paid for all of the drama she creates! Lo only makes a lowly $10,000 per episode :( Yet, lately it has been the Lo v. Audrina cat fight that has had Internet pages buzzing and girls all over the world picking teams!
I've picked my team and you should pick yours too! Check out The Hills Monday nights at 9 on MTV!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I liked COLLEGE when it was called ROAD TRIP

NEW MOVIE ALERT! COLLEGE, a new movie out tomorrow about "the college experience" filled with drunk girls, a crazy fraternity, and a happy ending, I'm sure! It reminds me of an old favorite, any guesses? That's right ROAD TRIP!

That was my first idea of what college was going to be like and the majority of the movie didn't even take place on a college campus! So needless to say I was seriously disappointed when I checked into my dorm and there was no guy trying to swallow a mouse while talking to his friends pet snake. Boring!

But according to most the imdb movie fans COLLEGE is so not worth the $8-10 bucks!

Well if I had any sense at all or a humor level above dumb boy jokes and stupid obvious sexual references, I wouldn't go! But I don't! I've always found movies like this to be a guilty pleasure and did you see Drake Bell is in this flick, that just so happens to be rated R. A far cry from his Nickelodeon days if you ask me!So I'll be there, at the top right of the theater in the corner seat with a bucket of popcorn, bottle of water that was seriously over priced, and twizzlers. Heaven! And I'll let you know how it goes!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

red, white, and you blew it!

"I think that gay marriage should be between a man and a woman."- Arnold Schwarzenegger.
This is a quote taken from the governor of California during the 2004 republican convention and it's HILARIOUS!!! Now that the 08 conventions are upon us I thought I'd bring back the memories of one of the funniest and hopefully just a case of bad english moments that 04 gave us! Can't wait to see what people come up with this year! VOTE OR DIE, CHOOSE OR LOSE...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My first blog ever

So this is the first time I have ever attempted to write a blog which means I honestly have NO IDEA what I'm doing. But I figure that's ok... right? I can make it up as I go along and hopefully my blogs will improve as I get a feel for it!
But today I want to focus on the name of my blog because I'm really proud of it and I figure some people might wonder where in the world I came up with the name.
My blog is called ipso facto, which is Latin for "by the fact itself". It was suggested to me by a friend of mine in law school that just happened to have a law dictionary in front of him, random I know! It is a legal term that lawyers use when trying to show the court that something is so obvious it is indisputable. The best example I heard was that it is ipso facto that a blind person can not obtain a driver license.
I really liked the little phrase so I went with it! Why not!
So this blog was interesting, to say the least. I promise I'll get better at this! Bye for now.