Friday, September 26, 2008

Eagle Eyes

Straight off of dogging charges of DWI stemming from a car accident he was in during the same time as filming "Transformers 2"mid summer, Shia LaBeouf is hitting the big screen in the new movie "Eagle Eyes".

La Beouf plays Jerry Shaw a seemingly unremarkable guy that gets sucked into being part of political assassination by some women at the other end of the phone that knows his every move. Creepy! And you all think you're slick with your GPS, look what it can do to you.

Personally, I'd just plead duress in court and call it a day but when your government thinks that you're the terrorist, that might not work so well. So instead La Beouf teams up with single mom, Rachel Holloman, played by Michelle Monaghan and they team up to save their own lives.

I'm not as excited about seeing Eagle Eyes as I was for Disturbia but it's Shia and he's HOT so I'll see it either way.

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