Sunday, September 21, 2008

Book it!

I once heard someone ask this dumb little blond girl on a reality show what was the last book she had read and she responded, "Oh I don't read anymore, I'm in college,"! At first I was shocked, I mean really did she just say that? Those words came out of her mouth!

But i totally understand what she means, kind of, I don't read anymore either! Well at least not for fun! Everything I read these days has been assigned, passed out in class, or posted on blackboard! Fun stuff!

So to be honest the last book I read for fun was, now don't laugh at me, but it was Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn. The last in her Twilight Saga and I'm sorry to say the most disappointing!

Now at first I didn't get the fuss over these books, until I read them! And who doesn't love a good romance? And essentially that's what all the books are about love, lost love, love triangles and the gratification of love. GEEZE! That's allot of love going around!

Anyway, the last book fell short of the others. Maybe it was because Bella, the main character was no longer the girl next door! She gets married, has a baby, becomes a vampire and lives happily ever after! I mean it's sweet I'm just not there yet and in some cases don't know if I will ever be at those points in my life! Mainly the becoming a vampire one!

For me she lost the appeal that made her seem like a real person in a real relationship. Once she got pregnant and then became a vampire she lost me! Meyer's writing even slipped a little into something less than what I expected from some one that changed all the rules on vampires!

In the end parts of the book were brilliant, like the way Meyer describes Bella transforming from human to vampire, you could almost feel it too! But other times it was laughable, let's start with the fact that Bella named her baby Renesme! Anyone... ya I have no clue what that women was thinking!

But let me not knock the book with out saying that the rest of the saga was amazing! Good plots, character development and setting. The movie adaptation of the first book, Twilight, comes out Nov. 21, cross your fingers that the movie works better than the last book!

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