Monday, September 8, 2008

WTF happened last night?

Time for a little VMA review! Did you watch it, did you love it? Or were you seriously disappointed in the fact that Tokyo Hotel took home best new artist over Miley Cyrus! Who are these people any way and they are definitely not from Tokyo judging by the accent! UGH!

Any way, lets start with the fact that whoever produced this shin dig should be fired immediately! The camera angles were all wrong, the lighting was awful, the effects did not flow as seamlessly together as in past shows, and the venue was awful. This has got to be the smallest venue that MTV has ever hosted the VMA's in. Some back lot of paramount studios, what where they thinking? Feeling the pinch of recession? Seems like it.

The venue made me feel tiny and cramped at home on my sofa, it looked like the celebs were on top of each other and at one point I think that some of them literally were but that was more alcohol induced than space issues! ha!

So Rihanna opened the show and I just wasn't feeling it, I get it girl, we're supposed to all be in disturbia with you. However, at one point your back up band played a song by the white stripes and that totally threw me off. The costumes were decent, the singing was, as Randy would put it, "a little pitchy," but a decent performance none the less.

But the big winner of the night was Britney! Oh miss Spears rocked with her little opening skit and won 3 moon men, after being nominated 16 times in the past these were her first wins! So she's no longer the Susan Lucci of the VMA's. She's back in a big way people so pay attention, her body's fit, she's got hair that looks decent, and she kept it simple last night. With the perfunctory acceptance speech: god, family, fans. Loved it! Brit Brit I'm so proud of you! Oh and she was styled perfectly, some one in her camp deserves a raise!

Ok now on to this Russell Brand character that I LOVE! Please marry me because you are hilarious! He was funny and a bit controversial from start to finish! For starters, he comes right out and asks every one in America to vote Barack Obama president for the sake of our country! But it was his views on the Jonas Brothers purity that had me rolling on the floor laughing! He basically called them idiots because they could sleep with any girl they wanted and choose to wear purity rings instead and remain "pure". Whatever that means! Anyway, he was funny and had to assure the audience that he was famous, because like I said he's a nobody in the US but major in the UK, according to him!

Little Wayne and T- Pain with a little help from Leona Lewis delivered the best performance of the night! Sorry Jonas Brothers, you're great but a little too predictable, with all the 12 year old girls in the background dying to strip you of those purity rings, I'm sure!

Kanye closed the show and it was crunk! And my man had a huge audience to preform to this time so I don't want to hear any complaints! I also loved his wardrobe, tailored powder blue suit faintly pinned striped with a heart in lights over his chest but then again it's Kanye and he rarely disappoints in the fashion section.

And of course it ended with the two stars of the night riding away together into the sunset. Brand grabbed Britney and stuck her on the back of a golf cart and hauled her off some where! It was priceless!

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