Friday, September 12, 2008

Kanye West arrested at airport: Now I anin't sayin the paparazzi is a gold digger but they ain't messin with no BROKE BROKE!

Another Friday means another celebrity news day! But this time I'm not so happy to report that one of my favorite rappers, that's known for his hot head let it get a little overheated at LAX.

Thursday morning Kanye West landed in LAX at around 7:51 AM and was greeted by what else but paparazzi waiting to snap a picture.

Kanye was not having it!

So what does he do... typical Kanye he overreacts! He comes at the photographer with some help from his body guard struggles with the paparazzi for the camera and smashed it to the ground! Kanye was arrested at LAX but let go on $20,000 bail! Chump change! When you got $$$! Watch it for yourself!

So what do we think?

Just a bad day at the office for Kanye or is he slowly headed to meltdown! Don't get me wrong this is not the first time that a star has been caught on camera attacking a photographer. Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz were caught and let's not forget a bald Briteny Spears taking an umbrella to a paparazzi's SUV not to long ago! But she's better now so all is forgive, right?

Kanye is about to release a 4th studio album this December and he needs to remember that he needs all the publicity he can get with the way albums are selling these days! He debuted his first song off his new album at the closing of the VMA's, Love Lockdown. And I loved it, it's not even a rap song... he's singing! I hope radio embraces it, for his sake!

Kanye for goodness sake keep your hands to yourself! I know your momma taught you better than that!

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