Tuesday, September 2, 2008

40- LOVE

There's nothing quiet like sibling rivalry to get people interested in the emotional roller coaster that sports can pull from both the fans and the players. In tennis perhaps there are no more famous siblings than the duo of sisters from California that captivate audience from Wimbledon to the French Open and most often on center court.

Venus and Serena Williams were originally coached in the sport of tennis by there father and since their early years of playing have developed into fierce competition both off and on the court. Intimidating other players with their competitive edge on the court combined with an unparalleled passion and commitment to every stroke as if it was the last game of tennis they would ever have the privilege to play (on most days).

With gold medals from Sydney and Beijing and major tennis titles under their belts you would think these sisters would have conquered the tennis world and be looking forward to early retirement. Hardly the case for such motivated role models that do not fit the conventional standards of what a tennis player has looked and acted like in the past.

On any given days these impressive women can be found bowing before royalty in the center court at Wimbledon, coaching the potential models of America's Next Top Model, or working on Serena's clothing line Aneres (Serena spelled backwards). They are not just impressive athletes but a forced to be reckoned with both on and off the court.

So it always disappoints me when it has to be one or the other sister that wins in a tournament. Disappoints but rarely surprises. With the level of skill and competitive edge the sisters have been gaining back on the tennis circuit it is an all too familiar scene of previous major tournaments to watch the sisters glare back at one another with a thin green net separating siblings from victory and defeat.

Tomorrow night at 7 pm eastern time Venus and Serena will take the court in New York City as sisters and opponents in The US OPENS women's singles quarter finals. And at the end of the match one of the sisters will walk away with a spot in the finals and the other will walk away to the sidelines to cheer on her sister. But in a match like this you have to wonder if there really will be any winner.

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