Friday, September 5, 2008


That's right ladies and gentlemen that wondrous time of year is once again thrust upon us in the hopes of bringing joy and happiness to our lives! Heck no I'm not talking about the Christmas season if you were confused, I'm talking about the VMA's!!!!

That's right this Sunday night MTV will be rolling out the (insert color choice here because God knows what MTV will do this year) carpet that will be packed to the max with celebrities from all areas of the biz! Of course you'll have your music super stars in attendance, but Hollywood's hottest always come out and this year I'm just gushing to see if Phelps makes an appearance (cross your fingers).

The buzz on the VMA's this year is ten fold bigger than what it was last year and for a very good reason!

First off Kanye West is supposed to be closing the show with a performance! Humm I remember it like it was only last year that Kanye promised never to attend, preform, or even acknowledge the VMA's after he felt he got shafted at the awards. I mean his performance wasn't even on the main stage! Oh wait that was last year! So I'm guessing either the money was right or home boy has a serious case of amnesia. Either way I love it!

Second, MTV hired this no name to most of the American public to host the show. All I know about the guy is his name is Russell Brand and from what I've seen of the promo clips he seems really funny! So hopefully he delivers.

Then, miss Britney Spears and MRS. Christina Aguilera are both going to be taking the stage this year, not sure if either one is preforming but cross your fingers that some one talks Brit into giving us a song! After last years disaster of a performance I'm dying to see what the girls been up to with all her free time without the kids!

AND... cue the screams of 12 year old girls everywhere, the JONAS BROTHERS are preforming! The cutest threesome of brothers since Hanson was hot are Disney's main money makers, since Miley took her top off! But honestly, should a 12 year old be watching the VMA's? Doesn't matter they will anyway because the Jo Bros are going to be there! They've put on a great show the last two times I've seen them live so I'm hoping the deliver bigger and better than usual! Maybe Kevin and Nick could set Joe on fire- so he's really Burnin Up!

So tune in Sunday night at 8pm sharp! However, you need to watch all day, there's always pre show coverage and interviews so keep it locked on MTV! Because don't we all want to see who falls, who needs to fire their stylist, and who walks away with a moon man!

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