Friday, September 19, 2008

Poor Bill Gates all that money and no sense!

Has anyone seen the new ad campaign that Microsoft is pitching? Oh you have... well I'm sorry about that! Wait you haven't? Well do you have 10 minutes? No, i didn't think so!

So maybe it's not exactly 10 minutes long but it sure feels that way! The first commercial in the new campaign centers around Jerry Seinfeld running into Bill Gates at a Shoe Circus. Oh right, because that happens every day! Bill Gates at a Shoe Circus, I'm so sure! Anyway, it gets worse because Seinfeld starts helping him pick out shoes and they share a churro, it's just weird. Worst of all there is no point to this ad.

For about 5 minutes after I watched it the first time, I couldn't figure out what Microsoft was trying to tell me or sell me. Was Bill Gates teaming up with Jerry Seinfeld for a new movie? Was this an ad for Shoe Circus? Was Seinfeld seriously bored and maybe running out of money so now he's doing commercials? And didn't Bill Gates retire?

See what I mean a good ad campaign does not leave the viewer with all sorts of questions! Whatever Microsoft is pitching is bumped in at the end it still didn't make sense to me!

So TIP FOR BILL: FIRE who ever told you this was a good idea! You are seriously getting ripped off and I think Jerry is holding out on you too! He's normally funny!

Anyway, this has to be by far one of the worst ad campaigns that a company has ever put out for public consumption! With a price tag of 300 million, it's just wasteful!

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