Wednesday, September 3, 2008

learn something new everyday...

What I learned about Sarah Palin from the media:

1. has a son with down syndrome
2. Is the 11th gov. of Alaska
3. Is John McCain's VP pick
4. was mayor of a place called Wasilla, Alaska (a place roughly the size of half the DFW airport)
5. knows how to shoot
6. has a pregnant 17 year old daughter
7. she has 5 children all together
8. eloped with her high school sweet heart
9. used to hunt moose with her dad
10. she's only 44 years old!!!

Geeze I hope CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS and the other networks put out some information on where she stands on the issues and not just her personal life. Not that I didn't look into that for myself, it's just that I know most people won't. I didn't hear this much about Joe Biden's personal life when he was nominated for VP on the democratic ticket. There was more coverage on what he's done as a senator than a person. What is the media trying to tell me... I wonder.

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