Thursday, September 4, 2008

What ever happened to little bunny foo foo?

Busy weekend at the box office but sadly I didn't get to see COLLEGE yet, but no worries it will happen I promise! If I have to go by myself I'm going to see that darn movie!

Anyway, I saw something with much more pink, scantly clad girls, and very cute boys! Wait that does kind of sound like COLLEGE doesn't it? Oh did I mention that this movie had playboy bunnies! That's right I saw THE HOUSE BUNNY and it was hilarious slap your knees, clap your hands funny! With a hint of a moral compass but not enough to interfere with my fun!

Imagine combining LEGALLY BLOND 1 and 2 while adding a dash of THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS, with a table spoon of SEX IN THE CITY and 3 cups of the GIRLS NEXT DOOR and a pinch of Hef and you've got it!

The comedy in the movie was actually really witty and delivered on point by the lead Anna Farris, who you might be used to seeing in the SCREAM movies. She was price less as the clue less and naive but completely lovable Shelly. The former play boy bunny kicked out of the mansion in a back handed move from a up and coming bunny. With no place to live Shelly takes refuge at the Zeta house to the biggest group of misfit sorority girls that I have ever seen! But each of these social out casts brings an element of what it is like to be a girl in college plagued with insecurities but proves that those should never stop you from getting what you want!

Ok so it's cheesy and a little cliche but what isn't these days? It is still a fun watch and I promise if you don't leave having laughed at least once, I'll buy your ticket back from you... on second thought maybe not!

Anyway, go check out THE HOUSE BUNNY, ladies it's a cute feel good movies that you can see with the girls and fellas hello PLAY BOY BUNNIES!

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