Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hail to the Cheifs

And in sports news, we've go the Patriots suffering a major blow with the loss of quarter back Tom Brady. Last year's NFL MVP is a foundation block of the Patriots team both on and off the the field and has left many fans (both fantasy and reality) in a panic! Brady who injured his left knee will be out for the year and has left the Patriots dangling on a thread of hope that they can sustain a winning season with out their golden boy.
Meanwhile, Bernard Pollard of the Chiefs that delivered the blow that knocked Brady out for the season has gone into hiding! I'm thinking this man would rather, "the British were coming" than all the angry Patriots fans that have it out for him!
In New York the US Open came to a close with Serena Williams winning the women's single finals and Roger Feder winning the men's final. Quiet a big upset for gold medalist and Wimbledon camp Rafael Nadal who lost to Brit Andy Murray in the men' single semi finals. Better luck next time Rafe.
Back to you in the studio Bob.

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