Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My first blog ever

So this is the first time I have ever attempted to write a blog which means I honestly have NO IDEA what I'm doing. But I figure that's ok... right? I can make it up as I go along and hopefully my blogs will improve as I get a feel for it!
But today I want to focus on the name of my blog because I'm really proud of it and I figure some people might wonder where in the world I came up with the name.
My blog is called ipso facto, which is Latin for "by the fact itself". It was suggested to me by a friend of mine in law school that just happened to have a law dictionary in front of him, random I know! It is a legal term that lawyers use when trying to show the court that something is so obvious it is indisputable. The best example I heard was that it is ipso facto that a blind person can not obtain a driver license.
I really liked the little phrase so I went with it! Why not!
So this blog was interesting, to say the least. I promise I'll get better at this! Bye for now.

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