Friday, August 29, 2008

Laguna Beach= Most popular girl in school The Hills= most overpaid blond in the bunch

I LOVE The Hills! I don't care what anyone says or thinks about this show so get over it! It's the perfect Monday night when I get all the roommates and friends together, about 8 of us and watch the DRAMA! Followed by the lies, the cat fights, the clubs, the fashion, and the boys! Brody Jenner... need I say more!
Fun, fun, FUN! All of my friends have a favorite character that they identify best with, mine has to be Whitney if you were wondering! And I really enjoy the way this is a show about 20 something women out there and making it happen for themselves, for the most part.
So recently the salaries of what the cast makes were released in In Touch and WOW! These girls and the guys are making some pretty serious bank off this gig! Of course LC makes the most with... get this $75,000 per episode! I feel a YOU GO GIRL is in order here!
Anyway, the rest of the cast makes less than LC but you know who is seriously getting shafted, Lo Bosworth. The former Laguna Beach star is seriously under paid for all of the drama she creates! Lo only makes a lowly $10,000 per episode :( Yet, lately it has been the Lo v. Audrina cat fight that has had Internet pages buzzing and girls all over the world picking teams!
I've picked my team and you should pick yours too! Check out The Hills Monday nights at 9 on MTV!

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