Saturday, August 30, 2008


The 4th annual Austin Batfest is supposed to be about the bats but for me it was all about the FOOD and oh my gosh was there food! I haven't eaten this much since the Thanksgiving of '06 and let me tell you that was brutal!

Anyway, bat food is AWESOME!!! I started off keeping it simple with some Italian ice from Jimmy Jim's! Mango flavored the best! And then went back for blueberry, strawberry, and lime flavored, so much for everything in moderation! Then, it was on to pizza from Double Dave's, it was decent for the price, not the best peperoni I've ever had but it could have been worse! Finally, I topped it off with kettle corn and cherry lime aid from some little vendor that I didn't catch the name of. My loss because her food was delicious, it was everything that kettle corn should be and nothing my microwave has ever produced! Salty, sticky, sweetness in a bag the size of a small three year old child! And refills at her booth were half off! So I paid $3 for my first drink and went back about 7 more times for only $1.50!

I ended my binge with some live music from Frank Marino with his band Mahogany Rush! And I was glad that the old man still had it in him! Frank rocked in the 70's but I wasn't sure that he could still keep up in his advanced years. Well, he shut me up real fast! That man rocked harder than most kids out there with guitars half his age!

So here's to Batfest '08 that I'm sure is supposed to be about the bat's but should seriously be checked out for the FOOD! Great job vendors!

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