Thursday, August 28, 2008

I liked COLLEGE when it was called ROAD TRIP

NEW MOVIE ALERT! COLLEGE, a new movie out tomorrow about "the college experience" filled with drunk girls, a crazy fraternity, and a happy ending, I'm sure! It reminds me of an old favorite, any guesses? That's right ROAD TRIP!

That was my first idea of what college was going to be like and the majority of the movie didn't even take place on a college campus! So needless to say I was seriously disappointed when I checked into my dorm and there was no guy trying to swallow a mouse while talking to his friends pet snake. Boring!

But according to most the imdb movie fans COLLEGE is so not worth the $8-10 bucks!

Well if I had any sense at all or a humor level above dumb boy jokes and stupid obvious sexual references, I wouldn't go! But I don't! I've always found movies like this to be a guilty pleasure and did you see Drake Bell is in this flick, that just so happens to be rated R. A far cry from his Nickelodeon days if you ask me!So I'll be there, at the top right of the theater in the corner seat with a bucket of popcorn, bottle of water that was seriously over priced, and twizzlers. Heaven! And I'll let you know how it goes!

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